“It was a pleasure to call the Culver Cottages our home and we loved the people and pets that made up our little community.”

“The other tenants and I shared pet sitting favors when we

went out of town.”

When I was looking for a new home for my pup and I, we had a very hard time finding a rental property that would accept pets. Look at that face? How could you say no to him? When I came upon the Creating Community Properties ad, I felt like my prayers had been answered. Karin and John welcomed me and my fur-kid, Radio, with open, loving arms. It was a relief to find owners who shared my belief that tenants with pets could actually be the most responsible, respectful, and loyal (like their pets) tenants you could find. Because we aren't just tenants, we’re parents as well, and want the best home for ourselves and our family, no matter what form or how furry.



I originally moved in to Culver Cottages with my two small dogs, Remus and Romulus. A few years later I adopted a third dog, Thor, who landed on my doorstep as a runaway after a July 4th celebration.  When I couldn't find the owner or a suitable adoption, Karin and John graciously allowed me to keep him.  Now, I don’t recommend having three dogs, but I took them to work with me, and, when I retired, I stayed home with them all day so they were never troublesome.  I spent ten wonderful years at Culver Cottages.  It was a wonderful community and we still stay in touch. Karin and John were ideal landlords, friendly and showing plenty of care for both the property and the tenants.